All in a Spin

What is spinning?

Spinning or indoor group riding is an instructor lead workout. The classes focus on endurance, strength, interval, high intensity and recovery on a specific stationary exercise bike.

Finding a class for my level

These classes are low-impact and can be done regardless of your fitness level, age, or size. Many gyms offer spin classes or group riding. The difference is that the spinning class have to be led by an instructor qualified in spinning. Finding the right instructor for you might take some time. It is worth trying a few difference classes to see what suits you the best.

Generally, I find going to a class on the way to work or coming home easier and I'm more likely stick to it. Make sure they lead you through the fundamentals and safety aspects. You control speed and resistance, so you can make it easy or hard as you like. As the old adage goes the more you put in the more you get out. Some days it is easy and others everything is hard. It is important to listen to your body. One thing is for certain and that is that you will sweat, so having right clothing helps.

What to bring and wear

My recommendation is to use a good quality pair of padded shorts; you may want to consider using chamois cream. Have a good sweat-wicking top, I use a summer weight cycling jersey.  A water bottle that is easy to drink from and a towel are essentials.  If nothing else use correctly fitting padded shorts, as the saddles can be very uncomfortable and your normal gym clothes can rub. Once you are spinning you may want to get a pair of bike shoes with cleats (the sort you clip to your pedal).

First class

It is worth arriving a little early, so that you can be shown how to set-up and use the bike. Also, tell the instructor about any medical conditions or injuries. A good instructor should be able to offer alternative or modification to parts of the routine, if necessary.

Go have fun.

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