Can you See Me?

Being seen on the road is very important. Particularly, as the nights draw in and the weather conditions reduce visibility.

I was reminded of this on a recent training day. During one of the breaks, I met a lovely person from Sheffield who had recently been in an incident with a cycle. He was not a bike rider, but his son was and as we talked it was obvious he drove with respect to all road users. In this case, there seems to have been no particular fault, just an unlucky event. The main thing that stuck in my mind was that the cyclist was dressed entirely in black.

Dark colours are great as they do not show oil and dirt, and I confess one of my favourite pairs of cycling shorts are black. I do make an effort to have a brightly coloured jersey and jacket with reflective strips. To be seen, which is good practice anyway, is to ride out from the curb, about 1/2 a meter. Lights are necessary, and there are a good number of affordable rear and front lights.

For a new take on lighting a company called Led by Lite which produce a product that gives around lighting Beyond the basics, there is the Oxford Commuter x4 which shows your shape and according to research makes you more likely to be seen. The same company offers a helmet, the Metro V with a rear light built in. is a product I saw demoed in a cupboard at the Eurobike trade show, but that is another story.

In summary, maintain a good road position. Wear bright and reflective clothing. Rear and front light are essential. But you might want to consider other lights.

Be safe and be seen.

Happy cycling.


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