Don’t fall this Fall

I love this time of year, the crisp autumn days before winter sets in, all the wonderful colours. But of course, there are hazards out there. I am talking about leaves and what lies beneath: drains, pothole and other excitements (hazards). The word ‘excitements’ jump into my mind, but its probably a word my family uses for the unknown.

Avoid leaves on the road where possible, as you can’t see what’s underneath and they can be slippery. Slow down, look for your path and of course if in doubt you can walk. I know a lot of cyclists that would disagree with that statement. But you have people relying on you; you can’t take time off with an injury. Broken collar bone etc. is a pain. Even a small fall can lead to bruise and of course, embarrassment.

So, in summary:

Check the road ahead for obstacles and hazard.

Brake and slow down before hitting leaves and maintain a steady speed over them.

If you do need to brake, try feathering.

Try maintaining an upright position.

Stay safe. See you on the road or the trail. -Alex

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