Have you ever thought about Endurance cycling?

On a hot day in June, people gather at a football club. Women and men all different ages, sizing on many different bikes with one aim, to see how far they could go in 24 hours...
Here's are 8 tips I picked up being support crew. In the beautiful countryside, Brelingen North of Hannover in Germany. 
  1. Bike

A correctly set up and maintained bicycle is a must. If you never had a bike fit. I would recommend getting this done. As this length of the race is going to cause discomfort but you don’t want to add to this. Our team as used Guru Bike Fitting at Tenpoint and Cycle Fit. 

Say that is event include shopping bikes, Fat bikes, mountain bike, Road bike and the Recumbent bike. Just make sure you are comfortable.

  1. Food and Hydration

A personal choice; some people are fat adapted, but cyclist general the go-to is carbs.

So, starting with porridge with fruit and yoghurt. During the event having the right mix of sweet and savoury items. So, things like flapjacks, sandwiches, pasta and granola for the stops.

The competitors at the cycle event supported were luckily to have a good range of snacks. The organisers of the event pictured provided hot pasta dishes.

Gels, flapjacks, sweets, for on the bike. A good recipe site Feed Zone Cookbook

The most used hydration is an electrolyte drink with carbs. I have used the High Five Energy Drink.

Remember to eat and drink regularly as it easy to forget. Set a reminder of every 20 minutes.

Try out what works for you before the event.

  1. Support

A good support crew is a vital component. People who can help with mechanicals. People that remind you to eat and drink, people who encourage you on and also tell you if you need to stop.

  1. Kit

Have at least three changes of clothing. Good pairs of cycling shorts are essential. Remember the weather can be variable, particularly in the UK. Having rain jacket, leg and arm warmers on hand is a good idea.

  1. Charging

Charge all your electronic equipment. Lights, phone, GPs, spare batteries and bike if you use electronic shifting. If possible, have backups of all kit.

  1. Sleep

Again, there are different strategies. The 20 mins cat nap seems to be the preference. Some people even have tents and camper vans for such use.

  1. Keep alert

As tiredness set in, it is easy to become switched off. Remind yourself to keep a lookout for danger. Perhaps, look out for different things each lap to try to keep your brain engaged.

  1. Human Factor

Remember you are only human and the point of this is to have fun and experience something that many people won’t.  Making it to the start line is a great achievement.

The event pictured is the 24h Brelinger Berg or if you want to try a UK event Revolve24.



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