I have a confession…

There is something I want to get off my chest. The truth is that I quite like Triathlons. I know there are going to be pure cyclist that are horrified at the thought. And even amongst the cyclists, there are tribes. The truth is I like trying new things. I know with this attitude I never be top in any sport; I only do sport for fun. I wouldn't say I liked P.E. at school, being organised into teams etc. A sport teaches that only really encouraged the 'talented' students. I did run cross country relative fast. I had no fear of flying down the slept disused railway embankment. (if you are interested, it was part of the strawberry line, part of which you can now cycle on.) and of course, being one of the first in the shared showers was great. At Uni, I tried Octopush (turns out that I am a terrible swimmer) to snow biking in more recent times. I like to have a go.

During this time, I have missed going to events. I don't want to mention any words associated with what's going on. We have all that enough of it. Are you the nervous type? Everything, I do seem to suffer from local Sportif to international triathlon. It is all the same. There appear to be two types of people in this world. The ones that sail through without any sign of trouble and the rest of us. I have a friend that represented team GB in Age group triathlon, and she suffers from nerves. I missed getting together with people. Some I only ever seen at events and meeting new. There is something special about sharing an experience.

I'm sure we are all looking forward to next year, all being well we can start to go to events safely. Perhaps, we will meet at the next one?

Pictures of me doing my one and only Ironman Triathlon and yes, I am still wearing cycling bib shorts on the run. Somehow didn't manage to change in running shorts. I can't remember why.

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