Padded Bibs v Padded shorts

The cycling world is divided generally into two camps here. There are some that swear that bibs are ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ whilst others will only wear shorts. As with most things in life it depends on your body shape and heck (too much Bob Ross😊) just what you prefer.


The bibs shoulder straps allow for no waistband. The argument says this allows you to breathe more easily, the chamois to stay in place, and you don’t get the back gap. The scoop in the front stops the sweat building up so much. I wear them if I’m feeling sensitive in the waist or bloated for short rides only. The main drawback is that they make comfort breaks more difficult.



A women wearing black cycling shorts with pink and white leg bands


Good shorts have a soft and comfortable waistband which is strong enough to stay in place. So, the chamois doesn’t move, and you don’t get the annoying back gap—generally, my preference as it is easier to have a comfort break.


The chamois is also important, look for women pacific pad. Bear in mind a lot of ‘unisex’ shorts are made for the male anatomy. Look for soft edges; you don’t want anything raised that will rub.

And of course, you may want to cover your knees were ¾ length or full length. 😉




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