Sasha Cycling Photo Shoot

Buckinghamshire is blessed with some beautiful countryside boasting many lovely villages, cafes and pubs. So one sunny day we ventured out for our location photo shoot to a picturesque pub in a small village on the edge of the Chilterns.

The venue was idyllic and we provided entertainment for the locals. It was amazing how many of them offered to be in front of the camera as they watched, bikes, T-shirts, water bottles and of course camera equipment being brought in and set up.

While the model changed into the Sasha Cycling T-shirt, the art director became a substitute for getting the lighting right.  She was not comfortable that side of the camera and blinked a lot. The photographer said there was a name for people that blink, but he was too polite to repeat it. Much to her relief, there are no images from this initial effort.

After many hours and much laughter some lovely images were produced.  We had a relaxed, fun shoot, which in my mind is what Sasha cycling is all about.  Going out of a ride and having coffee with like-minded people.

Our next lot of scheduled photos are for the eagerly awaited cycling shorts, but that will be studio based much to the disappointed of the locals. 

(With thanks to the Le De Le Spencer, David Newton @photopositive and Sarah Gold @sarahEGold)

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