The heat of the Summer

The heat of so Summer day always seems to take us by surprise.
Being pale and prone to sunstroke, I tend to avoid going out in hot weather. Temperature going into the high 20's I'm sitting indoors. A lot of advice starts with say acclimatisation, in a country where it can be cold and rainy one day a blistering hot the next. I am not sure what we can do. Would a sauna help?
First off, I would say try to go out first thing in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. Getting up early in the morning can be difficult, but the joy of quite a road or trail make up for this.
Plan your route to give the greatest shade and water stops if necessary, or if you like me, you go for an ice cream stop.
Staying hydrated is hard. Having something with electrolyte is better than plain water. You can use a product such as High 5 or coconut water. Getting the mix doing it yourself is particularly hard. The general advice states that you should drink about 300 ml to 500ml before and during 1.25 to 1.5 litres per hour. Getting the balance right is difficult; some people need more. Remember you can over and well as under-hydrated.
Keep hydrated the day before. You can eat water foods to help this.
To protect your skin and eyes from the sun. Consider wearing long sleeves or arm protectors. Using good sun protection, whatever colour your skin is it can suffer damage. Use a high factor suncream such as '50 Soltan', or 'Riemann P20 Seriously Reliable Suncare SPF50 (waterproof)' or if worried about parabens go for the 'Garnier Ambre Solaie Sensitive Sun Cream'. Sunglasses are a must, although not going for the dark sunglasses as it makes it hard to see in shadow.
Cooling, ice place on your neck, but don't place ice directly onto the skin as this can also be damaging.
Take it easy and enjoy we will soon be moaning about the rain.
Happy cycling

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