Which bike frame?

Whether you ride on or off-road, there are many things to consider when buying a bike. Firstly, let us look at bikes frames. You can make a bike out of many different materials. According to British Cycling, the most common ones are:


Heavy, but comfortable. This material is relatively cheap to make so makes an excellent entry-level bike. Easy to repair, but can rust. Tends to bend rather than snap. My trusted winter bike has a steel frame.

Carbon Fibre 

Lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant. Not good with sudden impact. (my uncle’s carbon fibre fishing rod got knocked on the side of a car and snapped in two snapped, we are talking 1980’s here). Repairs are more expensive. Go to a carbon fibre specialist. Can snap without warning. My summer bike floats compared to my winter bike


Lightweight and tough. It creates a stiff frame that can give a hard ride. Can become weak over time. The material itself is corrosion-resistant, can react with other materials—no personal experience with these frames.


Exceptional strength to weight ratio. It is not easy to damage. Corrosion-resistant, there is no need to coat or paint. It is a similar ride to a steel frame. Look good but need cleaning to stay that way. They show up any finger marks etc.

 And one, not one the list: Bamboo.

More robust than carbon fibre. A natural and sustainable material, which looks good. Cheap and easy to work with at home. The frame will dampen road vibration. I do have a soft spot for bamboo. Perhaps this should be my next bike? Should I try building one or m I should I buy one?

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