Cycling Comfort is what Sasha Cycling is All About

Finding comfortable women’s cycling shorts was impossible. So, Sasha Cycling founder Alex Field so she decided to make her own. Now her independent business based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire has a range of uniquely designed shorts, leggings and off-the-bike casual wear.

“When I started riding I bought a pair of so-called women’s specific shorts but they were no better than those borrowed from my husband! I wrongly thought spending more money was the answer so splashed out on a top-of-the-range pair but they were just as bad so it made me think I could do better.”

Starting with comfort as her number one priority, Alex designed her own women’s cycling shorts and leggings, featuring a longer leg section and a higher back but retaining a stylish look. She also paid close attention to anatomy. “Women riders don’t want to be cut in half by their shorts and we’re more sensitive around the tummy area and particularly don’t want the lower back exposed to the elements. Whilst our legs contain more fatty tissue than men so we need a softer grip to prevent restriction and what I call sausage legs.”

She chose a lightweight lycra material from Italy and carefully designed the cut to make sure the seams can’t rub. At the heart of the shorts is the pad and Alex chose a slightly wider than usual laser cut foam pad made from one piece and not multi-layered then glued together. Women have wider sit bones than men and female bodies come in more different shapes and sizes so Sasha Cycling shorts come in eight sizes from XS to 4XL sizes. There are also bib shorts aimed at lady racers with wide, comfortable straps plus three-quarter and full length leggings.

Alex is also keen to introduce mountain biking shorts in 2018 year as she herself has moved from triathlon into off-road riding. She is also looking at using bamboo in a possible range of cycling specific underwear to go alongside the bamboo leisure top Sasha Cycling already sells.

The team at Sasha Cycling have developed a range of padded shorts and bib shorts designed for women who like to cycle, but don't want to put up with the pain the pros do.

So, whether you are a Weekend Warrior, Spin, Sportive mad or a leisure rider these are for you.

Give yourself, family and friends the gift of comfort.


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